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"At some moment, someone or something comes along which significantly changes and improves your life forever. One such moment for me was finding Niranjan and Vedic Astrology. Upon speaking with Niranjan, I was happy to know that I could smooth out the upcoming rough times with prior knowledge and planning by wearing the proper gemstones for my astrological stance. ...." Nancy Corrigan, (a.k.a.) - Manhattan, NYC
"Since meeting Niranjan and wearing the prescribed gemstones it's become clearer that all aspects of Creation are related and designed to respectfully work together. I'm more peaceful and able to cope with life's personal challenges and my work is more focused and productive to the point where clients have noticeably benefited. Both Niranjan and the gems are true friends and allies ...." Nina Priya David,
Gyani Creative Yoga Therapy, NYC

"I have been with Niranjan Mehta's Vedic program for the last three years. My life has totally changed. At first the changes were subtle and went unnoticed, but now that I look back on them. My income has gone up from $300.00 a week to $ 1100.00 a week." - Sally Eller, Boston, MA.

 Latest Jewellery Fashion
Latest Jewellery fashion – Gold and silver mix jewellery
Wearing complete gold or silver jewellery has become dialogue of past. Now, gold and silver mix jewellery is the latest Jewellery fashion. Mix metals jewellery offer gorgeous and beautiful look to everyone. This is perfect jewellery choice for women because women mostly wear to gold and silver jewellery. Women have great choice to wear gold earrings paired with silver bangles or can choose a silver bracelet with gold chain. A big number of Hollywood celebrities like to wear gold and silver mix jewellery. In this row first name comes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s who wears mix metal jewellery. Silver and gold jewellery blends Aishwarya’s beauty and looks sophisticated.
In Indian tradition, women generally wear gold bangles. Even they can wear silver bangles in one hand with gold bangles in another one. This mix jewellery would be perfect match in both western and traditional outfit. Other jewellery fashion is wearing mixed metal necklaces of different lengths. However it would be nice choice if you wear western dress. Women who like to wear both traditional and western outfits can wear white and black bangles mixing with silver and gold jewellery.
India’s first international jewellery event is going on at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santa Cruz in Mumbai. This jewellery event is going to run on 15th to 19th August and expecting that many international jewellery companies are showing their latest designs. Some prominent names in the row of companies which introduce unique and latest design of jewellery are Nakshatra Diamond, Tanishq, Amrapali, Gitanjali and Ganjam. Some other famous jewellery designers are also showing their latest creation. Some names of them are Varun D. Jani, Farah Khan Ali, Bina Goenka and Rhea Nasta.
Many bollywood celebrities are walking on ramp to promote their favorite designers’ creation. After Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif, bollywood actress Isha Koppikar walked on the ramp in India international jewellery week. She wore off-shouldered pink gown with diamond neckless with perfect matching earrings along with bracelet. Here is Isha Koppikar’s some stunning image.
India, the country of rich culture and old golden bird is now ready to live old memories with new style and fashion. It will be happen by organizing fashion show and jewelry show to represent its ancient to modern fashion. The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council took steps in this direction which is organizing India’s first InternationalJewellery Week (IIJW) in Mumbai from 15 August to 19 August. This mega even to be held in India’s capital city Mumbai at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Santa Cruz. The ministry of commerce and industry is supporting India’s first international jewellery week to represent India as the “Innovation and Design Destination” for jewellery.
In five days jewellery event, India’s top jewellery designer is going to show their creativity and uniqueness of designs. The top designers who are in row to fascinate world’s customers by their jewellerydesigns are Farah Khan Ali, Rhea Nasta, Bina Goenka and Varun D. Jani. To increase popularity of India international jewellery topjewellery brands including Gitanjali, Tanishq, Mirari, Ganjam and Amrapali are participating in it.
Bollywood leading actress Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone walked on ramp to showcase jewellery of Nakshatra Diamond Jewelry and Farah Khan. Both were looking like Indian princess while they were walking on ramp in India international jewellery 2010. Deepika Padukone’s outfits was completely match with wore jewellery. She had jewellery garland around neck with stylish bindi on forehead. Here are some pictures of Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone walking on ramp in India International Jewellery Week 2010.
I had gone to market for buying jewelry. I like latest designs and new trends jewelry, so at that time I was looking for special and different jewelry. I had chosen Diamond. I was felling diamond are always fashionable and design things. These are available in many designs with different colors. It is also latest fashion to wear diamond jewelry. Many people like diamond. There is much availability of diamond and it gives popularly to it.1. It is all time wearing jewelry, can be wore in every season and looks beautiful. 2. It is party wear but we can wear at every place. 3. Diamond is popular as wedding jewelry and people purchase it for special occasions. 4. It is available in all prices.
I want tell you only diamond is not important because it doesn’t look beautiful without design, gold, silver, pearls and others things, so there are many designer designs to jewelry and diamond get naturalbeauty with fashionable things. We feel very special by wearing diamond and we get different look than other people. It is comfortable jewelry.
Men and women jewelry are different but all jewelry are good. Youth like to new trend and new design jewelry but these are first choice for engagement. Engagement jewelry is very important part of our new life. It is first steps of life, so we should choose the perfect jewelry for all time.
Now we talk about other things and colors, Earring, necklaces, garland, ring, chain and other are many types where diamond use to prepare these all. It is fashionable and gives beautiful look to face. Girls and women also like Diamond necklaces and garlands. It is their first choice. It is shining jewelry and perfect for high presently. Diamond jewelries are available in many colors such as black, white, blue, green, red and other different. White diamond is very popular and it is chief than other diamond and others colors diamonds are very costly, so we have many options.
The fashionable design Multi Chain Necklace & Multi Stone Bib Necklace for your newest put on these twain are ideal for your everyday wearing the multi chain necklace is accessible in gold.Long Multi Chain Necklace is funky and classy. Gold plated, silver, and oxidized silver chains hang at dissimilar lengths for an awesome layered seem.
The Gold Multi chain necklaces in this group for women, we are multi-stranded necklaces made from beads of varying shapes, sizes and colors. It is a colorful conjunction of multicolored tourmalines, peridots, freshwater pearls and burgundy garnets. A green tourmaline pendant hangs at the middle of the necklace.
The presenting a broad range of stylish Silver Tiffany Necklaces Accessories with tremendous concession. Silver Tiffany Necklaces are great if you are looking for a necklace to be capable to just put on and go and no be concerned that you do not looks phenomenal. it is a comfortable and stretchy fit. Fashion and popular.If there always was a must have accessory, the Silver Tiffany Necklaces would be it, A easy elegance that makes it a ideal daily choice. Enjoy fine luck when you put on this graceful Silver Tiffany Necklaces.
These are presenting woman’s Silver Tiffany Necklaces, refined in solid silver sterling articulate their personal trend. woman’s Tulang naga necklaces, Borobudur link necklaces, Snake chains, Oval link chains, Sterling silver chains, Silver chains, and other impressive designs is slowly becoming woman’s well liked accessory.
Latest design to many American and European designers. Silver Tiffany Necklaces is one of the most attractive fashion accessories of all times. One of the most well liked of these is the silver necklaces that come in a kind of designs, patterns and colors.
The Latest Tiger Ring
The elegance and prettiness of Swarovski latest are presented in this fashionable Tiger Ring for woman. A lot with Golden Shadow crystal pave and black epoxy, the gold Tiger Ring beautifully flaunt the stripes of a tiger.the new tiger ring on Friday or, at least, I contemplation I had. I have already spoken of my hobby of bunching Tiger Ring with a tiger theme.The tiger ring was solid golden and displayed the head of a tiger, its mouth start in a roar. I already have single on my left hand and this was my chance to even things up and put something ballast on the right hand.
The latest Tiger Eye ring is a gorgeous gemstone and a true favorite of mine. If you also love this stone you came to the Page Bottom. I have the best quality and the biggest available of colors. I have shades from the common brown tiger eye, spicey gold tiger eye, golden honey tiger eye, dark blue tiger eye and midnight gold tiger eye in jewelry. Tiger eye Jewelry latest are for men and women, in yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver.
Latest Designer Earrings
Latest Earrings the most favorite style jewelry for women and can change a dull or mundane see to an extraordinary and glamorous see. Indian style jewelry wearing the right type of earrings for the right occasion can have dramatic effects on a woman’s. Earrings have become the most essential style Earrings, colored beads woven into a metal hanging to give you a simple yet trendy look. Newest Earrings are used to make style earrings include gold, silver, wood, titanium, diamonds, etc.
woman’s Earrings face and see both elegant and attractive. Chandelier diamond earrings are equally important style accessories. earrings are equally popular and are very stylish. They render class to any attire and occasion.
Latest White Style Necklace
White necklaces are awfully prominent for its natural prettiness and white color brilliance. White natural colors and its lustrous petition bring attraction and elegance to any necklines. Women love wearing White necklaces.
These is present White Necklace for woman, we bring a broad assortment of White trend Necklace that is in sync with the newest fashion trends, Crafted from superior attribute metal. This jewelry comes in a plethora of designs and colors.
This is actually cold necklace made by actual nature White; you can put on it in many ways. High attribute White necklace really brings style and elegance to the wearer. White necklace designed with selective matching colors and size of pearls is indeed a designer’s art.
Beautiful Charm Bracelets
The newest silver attraction bracelets have evolve into lofty finish style items which are sport by fashionable and are piece of the collection launch by all jewels fashionable worth their salty. The fashionable elements integrate valuable and half valuable stones in the silver attraction bracelets. Extra than this caramelized and profound brown chocolate Murano glass bead also build an ideal charm to the graceful and bespoke silver attraction bracelets.
These lofty finish glass beads in marine green sky blue or new berry red attach color and class to any exquisite bracelet. Very simply a woman can build a distinct jewels piece to attach to her group. A clip in every contemporary age woman’s jewels box, the attraction bracelet actually reflect the identity and character of the woman in a flexible and playful behavior with a grow up stage use valuable metals.
To display the relations summit, the attraction bracelet can be craft modified by leading Italian producers called for their specialist craftsmanship of the distinct silver bracelets. No topic or iconic substance is unaffected by the attraction bracelet producers and one is ensure to Search a collectors item house at special merchants to begin off or attach on to their private attraction bracelet. The attraction bracelets build a very flexible present item and can be offered with as many or as few pieces to be built on afterward by the wearer.

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Latest Blue Diamonds For Woman
The greatest piece every diamond that is the bough is generally clear or light colored diamonds. Currently that there is a product fresh choice and which is blue diamonds. If you are believe easy and that shall stand away much extra than the common plain diamonds, you may wish to believe about acquiring a seem at blue diamond jewels.
Azure diamonds are extremely exceptional and use an azure color to them. Blue diamonds are not new with they’ve actually been close to for fairly a moment, but they are exceedingly tough to locate. Because of their shortage, the cost for blue diamonds has risen. Except in case you are in a location to Search a item of blue diamond diamond jewels to get a practical cost, it is ensure to build a tremendous calculation to your diamond jewels collection.
Usually, blue diamonds come from India; anywhere they have is shabby for fairly a few many years. Although, several blue diamonds currently that arise starting South Africa with blue diamond diamond jewelry could be acquired in countries during the world in some settings and models.
Women Nose Ring
According to Indian cultures and tradition, nose ring is deemed as one of the symbol of wedding, and is an integral part of customary bridaljewellery. In the Muslim tradition nose ring is very fortunate and is mandatory wedding garnish to be shabby by all Muslim brides. While these days the unmarried girls in India have begun wearing nose rings as a fashion accessory without any religious beliefs or customary significance.
In the Indian tradition the custom of wearing nose rings start in the 16th century. It found in the Middle East countries and became well-liked in India mainly during the Moghul emperors rule. Nose ring is a very well-liked stylish accessory shabby by piercing a hole in the nose.
It is a trendy nose garnish originated in numerous shape, size anddesign. It can be a delicate tiny jewel stud which rests beautifully on the curve of the nostril or can be large hoop that encircles the cheek with graceful and elegant pendant pearls, which dangle along provocatively just above the upper lip.
Women Silver Jewelry
Jewels are the underground stick of every female celebrity, whether she’s boasting down the red runner or stepping out to the turn amasses for some other box of ginger tea. A sparkling couple of chandelier jewelry, a wristlet dangling schmaltzy charms, or a arresting gemstone pendant necklace all add a correctly personal touch to their outfits and over time, seem. Unlike clothing, the most gorgeous sterling silver jewels is timeless, so it can be shabby again and again, with nearly any outfit. Although, just like clothing, jewels colors and designs must be tailored to the individual wearer to.
Stylesh Earring For Woman
Jewelry indiscriminate earrings are individual requested to have clip on earrings made available for the consumers that wish to put on their fashion jewels, but do not wish to be grateful to get pierced ears so that they can. These designers distinguish the worth of what the consumer’s views are & are adhering to this inclination. This is noticeable in the mounting numbers of types & varieties that clip on earrings are accessible in.
wearing. The formula that clip on earrings are produced is in a formula that allows the earring to gently fasten to the ear. There is not something that has to penetrate the earlobe at all. This also can inhibit the earlobes from being stretched out because of earrings that are large in weight.
Umbrella Protection for your Hair, Skin & Health
If you are going to walk outside of your home in summer, never forget to carry an Umbrella.
There are a lot of uses of Umbrella. You can Stand with Umbrella outside of your home while raining, While Sun Shine. For women, skin is very important part of body. It is essential to protect skin in summer from sun.
Drink lots of water in summer is very important as like to use an umbrella in summer. Specially in Chaina there is a big value of Umbrella, It is one of the weapon to protection from enemy.  But Never use to harm anyone.
Rings Designs And Collections
On the occasion of your wedding, after you choose the marriagecostume your next step to choose the jewels for your love. In tradition there is ring ceremony before marriage.

Centuries have passed still the design and detail of antique marriage rings remains to be a typical graceful prettiness. Selection of ring for her/his lover might vary from need.

Here are some ring collections.

Diamond Ring :- The most valuable and favorites metals are diamond. Diamond ring are very well-liked for any of the occasion.
Designer Women Jewellery
Each woman has wish to look stunning and beautiful, for this she choose designer dress, stylish shoes, stylish handbags and purse. But we can not forget designer women jewellery. Since ancient time, jewellery is an essential women make-up accessory. In India, wearing jewellery is considered blessed for women and be part and parcel of many religious ceremonies. Bangles, ring and necklace are much popular among women. Most of the women wear jewellery as a customary jewellery but now a days it has become a fashion trend. Bangles are the most like jewellery for college girls and they prefer to black metal and plastic bangles.
These days designer bangles are coming up in great variety of design and shape such as triangle, star, heart and square shape. In celebration, women embellish their look by wearing stylish and designer jewellery. Latest trend in bangle jewellery is bangle bracelets. These are available in numerous styles, some popular stylesare Tag Bracelet, Cuff style, Rope, bracelet, beaded and Vintage style.
Armband jewellery is another jewellery ornament which offer complete stunning look to women. It is also come up with great variety of materials like Gold, Silver, Plastic, Enamel, Pearl, Steel, Diamond, Turquoise and Jade. In India, matrimonial ceremonies can not be completed with the most important Armband jewellery, ring.
There are various types of ring available in the market. However the most popular rings among women and girls are Prayer ring, Wedding ring, women’s signet ring, Cocktail ring and Masonic ring. Ring are also worn for specific reasons such as thumb ring and Birthstone rings. Thus today’s jewellery market is picked with stylish and designer women jewellery to fascinate each woman to buy them.
Sources : www.lifestylesfashion.com - Date: 13th September 2010
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