"Effort is imperative, but knowing where to make an effort is what makes all the difference"
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What Our Client Say ?
"At some moment, someone or something comes along which significantly changes and improves your life forever. One such moment for me was finding Niranjan and Vedic Astrology. Upon speaking with Niranjan, I was happy to know that I could smooth out the upcoming rough times with prior knowledge and planning by wearing the proper gemstones for my astrological stance. ...." Nancy Corrigan, (a.k.a.) - Manhattan, NYC
"Since meeting Niranjan and wearing the prescribed gemstones it's become clearer that all aspects of Creation are related and designed to respectfully work together. I'm more peaceful and able to cope with life's personal challenges and my work is more focused and productive to the point where clients have noticeably benefited. Both Niranjan and the gems are true friends and allies ...." Nina Priya David,
Gyani Creative Yoga Therapy, NYC

"I have been with Niranjan Mehta's Vedic program for the last three years. My life has totally changed. At first the changes were subtle and went unnoticed, but now that I look back on them. My income has gone up from $300.00 a week to $ 1100.00 a week." - Sally Eller, Boston, MA.

Vedic Gem Stones Benefits
Your mind and body receive nourishment and energy from food which grows on the outer (first) layer of the Earth. The minerals that infuse the vegetables and grains with nourishment lie a lower (second) layer of the Earth. The third layer, deep under the Earth's surface, contains concentrations of harmonizing ions. With intense pressure and high temperatures, dynamic energies are instilled within the gemstones that are dug from mines around the world. These gemstones, or rather Vedic astrological gemstones will recharge your body, improve your mind, you gain more respect and affection, and are able to accomplish tasks with relative ease.

The study of Vedic astrological gemstones is a science. It does not entail whimsical foundations such as birthstone stratification does. You cannot prescribe Vedic astrological gemstones based on color preference. Vedic astrological gemstone are exquisitely prescribed based on your powerful Vedic horoscope. Some of them are hand crafted by the world renowned Bengali babus of India. Their jewelry is displayed in palaces and museums worldwide. By wearing our recommended gemstone for only 180 Days, you will notice significant improvements in your personal life. We trust our knowledge and experience which enables us to offer a unique sale policy. If our Vedic astrological gemstones work, why would anyone return them? Hence we have a 120 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ANY VEDIC ASTROLOGICAL GEMSTONE JEWELRY PRESCRIBED BY US.

Wearing the wrong gemstone is Nature's most silent trouble maker in life. How ?

Did you know that the jewelry you or your family members are wearing right now can be harmful? If the gemstones are genuine, then wearing the wrong gemstone is Nature's most silent trouble maker in life When you are wearing gemstones, why not wear the gemstones that enhance your life. If something were to be beneficial for one person, it may be harmful to another. For example, one spoon of sugar can boost an average person's energy level. That same spoon of sugar can be life threatening for a person with diabetes. Therefore, if you wear the wrong gemstones prescribed by an unqualified person, it can be harmful to you and you, as the wearer, would never notice that the wrong gemstone is hurting you. You may blame your boss, your spouse or your luck, but the problem could be on your finger.

With Ninegemstones.com you will know which gemstone will make you more powerful, healthy, beautiful, improve your income and relationships. You will also know which gemstones will hurt you. In applying this knowledge, you will lessen  malefic affects and enhance your life.

Remember, Nature will not come knocking on your door to help you or guide you. It is up to you to harmonize and be a good conductor with Nature by wearing your beneficial gemstones. You have nothing to lose. Try our Vedic astrological gemstones. They work!

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*There is a full 120 days money back guarantee minus labor charges on prescribed

gemstones. Gemstones bought without a prescription have a 5 day return policy.*
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