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"At some moment, someone or something comes along which significantly changes and improves your life forever. One such moment for me was finding Niranjan and Vedic Astrology. Upon speaking with Niranjan, I was happy to know that I could smooth out the upcoming rough times with prior knowledge and planning by wearing the proper gemstones for my astrological stance. ...." Nancy Corrigan, (a.k.a.) - Manhattan, NYC
"Since meeting Niranjan and wearing the prescribed gemstones it's become clearer that all aspects of Creation are related and designed to respectfully work together. I'm more peaceful and able to cope with life's personal challenges and my work is more focused and productive to the point where clients have noticeably benefited. Both Niranjan and the gems are true friends and allies ...." Nina Priya David,
Gyani Creative Yoga Therapy, NYC

"I have been with Niranjan Mehta's Vedic program for the last three years. My life has totally changed. At first the changes were subtle and went unnoticed, but now that I look back on them. My income has gone up from $300.00 a week to $ 1100.00 a week." - Sally Eller, Boston, MA.

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 "Diamonds are forever," but not for everyone. The logic behind this statement is that Vedic gemstones are worn based on your internal configuration - we call it the mind over matter. Diamonds are made up of 100% carbon and are an extremely concentrated form of the Earth. In analyzing one's Vedic horoscope, diamonds role as positive or negative can be known. One wonders why diamonds are so popular today if they have not been recommended for everyone for centuries in the Vedic Shashtras.
Since 1950 diamonds have become a highly consumed gemstone. Because of extremely expensive marketing program by the diamond cartel, DeBeers and their affiliated mines, the diamond is the now made to believe "the symbol of love". Today, the bride often times values the diamond more than the sincere and less glamorous actions of her partner.  Diamonds have become so widely consumed that out of the United States $16 billion gemstone market, $13 billion is strictly in diamonds. With everyone wearing diamonds, one wonders at the strong correlation to high divorce rates in the United States. There are some people who should not wear diamonds. Their mind cannot handle it. When the mind cannot handle it, the wrong decision can occur, they make a mountain out of a mole, irrational approach in love and romance is evident. This negative element works on the mind. One who has no information that this element might be causing these problems, innocently finds another reason to blame. The real culprit could be the diamond.

When we see this kind of situation in my clients' horoscope, we share this information and if they still have sentimental value to diamonds then we recommend an antidote color stone to the diamond to create a counter energy and balance those negative energies. To know whether diamonds are for you, please contact us! The following pictures will explain the reaction of the mind and matter within and around you.

Left Brain Functions - click to view image Right Brain Functions - click to view image
» uses logic
» detail oriented
» facts rule
» words and language
» present and past
» math and science
» can comprehend
» knowing
» acknowledges
» order/pattern preception
» knows object name
» reality based
» forms strategies
» practical
» safe
» uses feeling
» "big picture" oriented
» imagination rules
» symbols adn images
» present and future
» philosophy & religion
» can "get it" (i.e. meaming)
» believes
» appreciates
» spatial preception
» knows object function
» fantasy based
» presents possibilities
» impetous
» risk taking
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